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Clipping Masks [Comments] [Rate] 
Clipping masks is a feature in Illustrator that enables you to mask out an image that you placed within the Illustrator document.
(Hits: 5924 Visits: 768 Votes: 29 Comments: 2 Rating: 6.52 Added: 06-07-2005)

Rounded Corners [Comments] [Rate] 
Making rounded corners is EASY in Illustrator. Of course you can make rounded shapes in Illustrator but you can convert line path to rounded corners as well.
(Hits: 3983 Visits: 766 Votes: 5 Comments: 0 Rating: 8.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Global Color Swatches [Comments] [Rate] 
Global color swatches is an feature in Illustrator that can be very useful when you work on projects that has LOTS of objects and shapes. You can change the color of all the objects at once.
(Hits: 3361 Visits: 257 Votes: 1 Comments: 1 Rating: 1.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Getting Started With Illustrator [Comments] [Rate] 
This vast tutorial will guide you through all the basics of using Illustrator and even more.
(Hits: 5308 Visits: 826 Votes: 26 Comments: 4 Rating: 5.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Creative Tools Part 1 [Comments] [Rate] 
This tutorial will give you a sampling of the drawing tools that come with Illustrator 9 and how they give designers the power to create complex graphics.
(Hits: 3689 Visits: 664 Votes: 11 Comments: 1 Rating: 4.91 Added: 06-07-2005)

Creative Tools Part 2 [Comments] [Rate] 
This tutorial will demonstrate how you can edit, combine, subtract, join various shapes into more complex objects.
(Hits: 3161 Visits: 463 Votes: 7 Comments: 2 Rating: 2.14 Added: 06-07-2005)

Basic toolbar and functions [Comments] [Rate] 
Learn how to work your way around Adobe Illustrator.
(Hits: 9667 Visits: 437 Votes: 25 Comments: 7 Rating: 2.88 Added: 05-20-2005)

The Pen Tool In Depth [Comments] [Rate] 
Learning how to use the pen tool will give you the essentials to draw your heart's desire in Illustrator.
(Hits: 5109 Visits: 459 Votes: 35 Comments: 5 Rating: 4.14 Added: 05-20-2005)


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