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Color / Shape Morph [Comments] [Rate] 
Color morphing is fun and very easy to do. You can end up having cool creative shapes with the color/shape morphing tool.
(Hits: 3517 Visits: 634 Votes: 12 Comments: 0 Rating: 6.33 Added: 06-07-2005)

Envelope Distort [Comments] [Rate] 
Envelope distort is a pretty cool effect you can do in Illustrator for many logo designs, text effects, and other ways to bring your shapes and text in a stylish way.
(Hits: 3435 Visits: 453 Votes: 5 Comments: 0 Rating: 3.60 Added: 06-07-2005)

Old Paper Like Effect [Comments] [Rate] 
This tutorial will show you how to create a old paper effect by using the gradient mesh tool.
(Hits: 6382 Visits: 521 Votes: 3 Comments: 0 Rating: 4.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Illustrator Opacity Masks [Comments] [Rate] 
Learn how to create, adjust, and utilize opacity masks in Adobe Illustrator for a reflection effect.
(Hits: 2867 Visits: 498 Votes: 4 Comments: 0 Rating: 7.25 Added: 06-07-2005)

Quick and Dirty Perspective Work Part 2 [Comments] [Rate] 
Learn how you can make the 3D perspective in 2 minutes flat. Once you have your shape, fill it and then go to Effect – 3D – Extrude and Bevel.
(Hits: 3526 Visits: 331 Votes: 4 Comments: 0 Rating: 6.25 Added: 06-07-2005)

Quick and Dirty Perspective Work Part 1 [Comments] [Rate] 
Perspective is awesome. It adds depth and a certain “something” that makes designs nice. Combine this with a “vector look” and we have the makings of greatness…or at least the makings of cuteness.
(Hits: 2597 Visits: 364 Votes: 0 Comments: 0 Rating: 0.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Knotworking [Comments] [Rate] 
Making intricate knotwork isn't too hard in a vector drawing package like Adobe Illustrator. On the other hand, it isn't the easiest thing to discover on one's own. Here is my method.
(Hits: 2738 Visits: 373 Votes: 3 Comments: 0 Rating: 7.33 Added: 06-07-2005)

Use Distortion to Transform an Object [Comments] [Rate] 
Adobe Illustrator provides a vast array of filters and tools that can twirl, tweak, roughen, and otherwise transform an object into something completely different.
(Hits: 2714 Visits: 492 Votes: 2 Comments: 0 Rating: 9.00 Added: 06-07-2005)


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