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Creating Trim Marks [Comments] [Rate] 
Trim marks are useful guides to use when you are printing it out and cutting it out with an xacto knife. What I have here is an signage I was doing for my work.
(Hits: 3228 Visits: 194 Votes: 1 Comments: 0 Rating: 1.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Creating Crop Marks [Comments] [Rate] 
When you import vector artwork into a pixel-based program such as After Effects or Photoshop, its edges are determined by the outmost edges of the art. Sometimes, you want to extend the image area.
(Hits: 2978 Visits: 337 Votes: 1 Comments: 0 Rating: 9.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Expand File Sharing Options With PDF [Comments] [Rate] 
Illustrator CS includes a host of new PDF features. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to save top-level Illustrator layers as Acrobat layers, customize compression settings, and add file security.
(Hits: 2433 Visits: 156 Votes: 0 Comments: 0 Rating: 0.00 Added: 06-07-2005)

Creating Views [Comments] [Rate] 
Learn how to make your navigation more convenient by creating views.
(Hits: 2474 Visits: 164 Votes: 1 Comments: 0 Rating: 1.00 Added: 05-20-2005)

Printable Grids in Illustrator 9 [Comments] [Rate] 
There is a way to make printable grids in Illustrator 9. Learn how.
(Hits: 2573 Visits: 120 Votes: 1 Comments: 0 Rating: 10.00 Added: 05-20-2005)

Printable Grids in Illustrator 10 [Comments] [Rate] 
The alignment grids in Illustrator (View > Show Grid) are non-printing grid-lines, customizable by the user, to aid in layout and design. Learn how to make them printable.
(Hits: 2562 Visits: 135 Votes: 1 Comments: 0 Rating: 10.00 Added: 05-20-2005)

Save For Web [Comments] [Rate] 
When saving images for the web you want the file size to be as small as possible so that images will download more quickly. However, as file size goes down, so does image quality.
(Hits: 2511 Visits: 311 Votes: 0 Comments: 0 Rating: 0.00 Added: 05-20-2005)

Soft-Proof Your Colors [Comments] [Rate] 
Color management helps you keep colors consistent when they are transferred between different output and display devices and lets you display an online preview, or soft proof, of the printed colors.
(Hits: 2544 Visits: 147 Votes: 0 Comments: 0 Rating: 0.00 Added: 05-20-2005)


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